Alternative Energy – Common Types

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Nowadays, alternative energy has been the common term in use to live a green life but do you have an idea as to what it is and how it is being derived? Let’s tackle first as what the meaning of alternative energy is? Basically, it is a collective term used to describe energy that is being used to take replacement of the usual energy used to power up plants, electricity, and the like. It’s the kind of energy that will replace the burning of fossil fuels which can lead to harmful effects to the ozone layer, and the Earth in totality.


There are different types of alternative energy that can be used in order to power up an electric plant or even run a vehicle. It all depends on what kind of energy source it is and whether or not it can power up a plant, factory, or make a car run, among others.


To have a better understanding of the common types of alternative energy will open doors for you to be able to comprehend the need of shifting from using fossil fuels as the usual source of energy to other alternatives. At least, there will be less or zero harmful effects will be brought in upon using these alternative energies and at the same Mother Earth is being protected.


The following are the common types of alternative energy:


  • Hydrogen


This type of alternative energy is being used as fuel for vehicles, spaceships and even airplanes.


  • Biofuel & Ethanol


These two are derived from plants which serve as a good substitute for gasoline powered vehicles.


  • Geothermal Energy


This energy uses the steam that coming from the interior of the Earth which is used in order to generate electricity.


  • Wind Energy


Wind energy is derived from the wind through the use of wind turbines of which will be used in order to generate electricity.


  • Solar Energy


This energy takes its source from the sun and later one be used in order to generate electricity. This can be done through the use of solar panels.


There you have it five common types of alternative energy. As you may have observed most of these energies are used in order to generate electricity while some can even power up a vehicle to run on its own without the use of gasoline or diesel.


At the end of the day, what matters most is to save Mother Earth and making sure that the future generation will still have a place to live in without jeopardizing their health, their existence.

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