Clean Energy With Low Environmental Impact

November 3rd, 2012 in Green Energy Tips by 0 Comments

Clean energy is a catch-all phrase used to describe any energy which is sustainable and which has a low environmental impact. An energy source can be considered clean if its production and waste is less substantially less than the energy it actually generates. For example, electric energy is very clean to use, but if it is generated in a coal refinery then it has quite a deleterious impact on the environment.

But if that same electrical energy is created by, say, a wind turbine or a solar panel then the energy can be considered clean energy. Sadly, no energy source is truly clean but if humans can focus more on using cleaner sources and also cleaning up after ourselves we can create a much better tomorrow. The more we learn about sustainable fuels, the more likely it seems we can employ them with great success into the future.

Clean energy is not only our key to success in the present, but it will play a vital role in our future. The more we can limit and avoid unclean energy use today, the better world we’ll have tomorrow. There is no reason to have to choose between progress and environmental consciousness, but we do have to choose between good technologies and unsustainable ones.

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