Energy Independence For Your Country

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I believe that it an every countries dream to have an energy independence. As we all know that energy expense is always become the biggest outcome for a country monetary policy. That is why having control to energy resources is right now become the main issue in world economy. Some countries also developed renewable energy technology in order to support their energy necessity so they can become independence in energy using and not depend on the countries that have more fossil energy resources. Some countries are even will to go to war just to have control for energy resources.

Energy Independence; Point of View
This energy independence issue is right now become more important than it was before because people is aware about the world oil reserve that rapidly decrease day by day. I think the most important thing to get an energy independence is the mind set of the people. For example, right now, more than four billion cars is on the street. All of them is using fossil fuel energy. Imagine that we can reduce the half of that number, belive there will be significant effect for our energy expense and can our world become a better place to live in.

Like I said, i think the most important thing to reach energy independence is to change the people mind set in energy using. They always want an easy one. Imagine that the mind set is change and everybody have a home energy independence, like having a personal sollar cel or wind turbine in their house for an electricity resources, how much money that the country can save from energy expense. I think energy independence is significantly depends on the mind mind set of the people. The more conscious people to the importance of energy using, the more closer a country to an energy independence.

Energy Independence; New Renewable Resources
There are some countries that willing to go to war just for their energy independence project. That fact tells us that energy independence is significantly important to a country. Energy independence definition in the smaller scoop is wen we can produce our won energy. That is why in every energy independence policy, there are always some section that concern about developing new alternative energy. For example, Holland is great example that use their country location excellence to produce alternative energy trough wind. That is why they become one of the countries that have the lowest expense in energy using.

There are man other countries that developing a new alternative energy for the sake of their energy independence. I think that countries has the right policy in facing the modern energy global issue and i think every other country should learn from a country like Holland for how they reach their energy independence.

From those discussion we can conclude that there are two main factors that help us to reach energy independence. They are the changing of people mind set and the continues searching of alternative energy resources. Energy independence is absolutely important for a country in the context of economy and politics.

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