Go Green To Protect Earth

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Going green is a term or catchphrase that has come to describe environmentalism or the environmental movement. Within this grouping, there are varying opinions as to what can and should be done to protect the Earth. Some contend that we simply need to cut down on our fossil fuel use and eliminate other dangerous chemicals. Others would have us abandon the benefits of the green revolution and return to a more natural state.

Whatever your opinion, it’s becoming widely clear that something has to be done before it’s too late. While environmental issues have been a human concern for our entire existence, it is only in the last hundred years or so that the need for a movement to protect the Earth has been necessary. Some of the first activists were naturalist and photographer Ansel Adams who sought to protect America’s natural wonders. Another such proponent was President Theodore Roosevelt who set aside vast tracts of land to be safe from development.

It was in 1962 however that the movement began in earnest. American Biologist Rachel Carson published a book about a not too distant future in which there were no animals due to human encroachment and poor environmental decisions. This book, Silent Spring, was an instant classic which garnered tremendous support for the movement and the cause. Since the 1960’s the movement has grown and is of vital worldwide importance. Sadly, too few people believe there is a need for environmental protection and only awareness can avert disaster.

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