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Green Energy – Defined

February 11th, 2012 in Alternative Energy by 0 Comments

Green has always been a color that has been associated with nature. It is like when we talk about green, it would always be synonymous with Mother Nature. The same has been brought about with the term green energy.Green energy is a term being widely used nowadays. It’s a kind of energy whose source is environment-friendly. This energy has been popular nowadays due to the fact that the Earth is not the same way as before. Global warming has been one of the major problems that the human race is facing today. There has been a solution to this but what is lacking is for us to use such solution in order to benefit the entire human race. This is where the use of green energy takes into the picture. When people realize the positive effects of going green for sure everybody will start to make baby steps and use it to their advantage.

The following are three of the major benefits of green energy:

1. Lessens the impact on the environment.

 The impact of every action that each of us is making affects the environment; a good example will be this. Say for instance the using of cars that are powered by gas or diesel is harmful to the environment of which later on will lead to global warming. To be more environment-friendly, what you can do is use car that is powered by electricity or water or perhaps drive a hybrid car. Still the same you are driving a car but the only difference is that the source of energy in order to power up a car to run is different. Guess what? Electricity or water powered car does not emit harmful gases. Therefore, you are not adding more greenhouse gases to the environment.

 2.Lessens harmful emissions of greenhouse gases.

Do you know that it is the emissions of greenhouse gases that lead to global warming? Imagine, the number of people who are driving cars, using appliances, and other stuff which emits such kind of gases every single day. If you think about it this would surely lead to the worsening of the ozone layer and later on be in the form of climate change. This would affect everybody on this earth. Whether you are living on the North Pole or near the equator, global warming will still have an effect on you. At least with the use of green energy the emission of greenhouse gases will be lessened.

3.Saves money.

The saving money aspect is well-manifested on your energy bill. Say for instance, you are using solar panels in order to have a good source of energy which you can use to power up your lights and other minor home appliances. On the next bill, you will surely see a change on the amount due. This will not be as big as you expect it to be but the thing here is that when you shift yourself to use green energy it has a positive effect. It is in the form of saving money. This is on a personal level.

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