Hydro Green Energy That is Important

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Do you know about hydro green energy? This is kind of new energy technology that uses water as the main power to generate energy. This technology is as famous as wind and solar panel technology, but it can’t be build in any location because it has to be supported with great water resources because hydro renewable energy is an energy that derived from falling water. The bigger the falling water, the bigger energy you will get. This type of alternative energy is usually used in tropic country where people can easily get water.

Hydro Green Energy; Consideration
I know that hydro green energy is s great alternative energy, but again, I have to remain you that technology is useless when people don’t understand about the importance of alternative technology for our better future. When people understand the importance of alternative energy and its effect to our world, they will continuously develop the way to reduce fossil fuel using, which is great for our future. Hydro alternative energy is one of the products that created by people that concern about this world and concern about the continuity of human’s life.

Hydro green energy is a product of humanity that concern about this world. That is what I am talking about, I am just trying to remain people that the important thing is not the technology, but the consciousness from people to reduce bad energy using for a better world. Any technology will be useless if people still use fossil energy as their main energy source. Any alternative energy technology will be useless if people don’t start to be wise in using their energy source especially biomass energy. I know that it is economical and simple, but people have to understand the effect of it to our world.

Hydro Green Energy; History
Hydro green energy is actually and energy technology that has been used since long time ago. It early used in Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt as the main technology of watery system. Other early water power technology also occurs in ancient Persia that called Qanat system and the Turpan water system in ancient China. In 20th century, the water energy is again become a trend and the early design of this technology become the based design of modern hydro electric power technology development. The word hydro is taken from Hydrology as the name of water study.

Hydro Green Energy; Scheme
The hydro green energy technology process is mainly using trompe, which produces compressed air from falling water. Compressed air then is channeled to power other machinery at the other part that usually far from waterfall. That machinery produce electricity that needed by people and that is the simple scheme of turbine green energy that use water as the main energy source.

That history and facts have stated that people used this energy for a long time before people find biomass energy. That fact should lead us into a better understanding about the goodness of this technology that has been proven effective for more than ten three thousand years. Hydro green energy is probably our solution of nowadays environmental and energy crisis.

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