Non Renewable Energy Resources In Our World

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I think most of us know about non renewable energy resources like oil, gas coal and many more. I bet all of us familiar with it because that kind of energy resources has been our main energy resources for last hundred years. This type of energy resources become our main energy resource because it is simple, cheap and produce massive power. That fact has made people forget that this kind of resources will be vanish sometimes and people often forget that the uncontrolled using if this energy resources has made our world facing a climate change crisis.

Non Renewable Energy Resources; Point of View
Non renewable energy resources have become our main energy resource for last hundred years. This habit has leaded us into a world catastrophe and makes our world facing climate change crisis. I know that in economical point of view, this kind of energy is the most logic energy that can be used by many companies to run their company. The price is just incredibly cheap compare to other energy like solar and hydro energy. But, that is not the only thing we need to think about when we face environmental problem. We have to think continuity and this type energy surely can be used forever.

The number of non renewable energy resources has now getting lower. I think this is the right times to change our mind set not to highly depend to this energy resource. The effect of using this kind of energy is bad for our world. I know that we don’t have any other technology yet that can equally change biomass energy using, but at least, we have a consciousness about the bad effect of using this non renewable natural resource continuously. We have to think other energy resources that will give us more great effect in the future.

Non Renewable Energy Resources; Types
There are many types of non renewable energy resources that right now use by people. One of the most famous energy resources is the fossil fuel energy. Non renewable energy resources fossil fuels have been used by people in last hundred years. It become people’s favorite because it simplicity and there are no other technology yet that can be used for daily using like fossil fuel. This kind of fuel also becomes the trends in industrial using besides coal and geothermal heat.

Non Renewable Energy Resources; Nuclear Energy
The other non renewable energy resources that often used in modern life are radioactive fuel. This kind of energy resources is actually a new technology. Unfortunately, this kind of technology is also non renewable one. The famous radioactive fuel is uranium that often becomes the main energy for nuclear reactor. Nuclear power provides about 6% of the world’s energy and 13 to 14% of the world’s electricity. The power of this fuel is amazing, that is why dealing with this kind of energy resources is riskier than other type of energy resources.

The non renewable energy resources challenges are to find the alternative energy when it comes to an end. That is why many energy company continuously researching any other possibilities of alternative energy. Non renewable energy resources are great for economy but it absolutely not great for our world.

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