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The important issues about Solar Panel nowadays is coming from the technology from the 1940 that is using silicone as the material. At that time, the experts are looking at the silicone and then they are trying to build and Innovate it with a new element from the crystal silicon and make a built in junction. Because of the segregation effect at one side in the junction, there will be a different side of the potential in the junction, where the electron can come out free and can be used to make Solar Panel Energy.

Solar Panel In General
Solar Panel can be said in a general way that it is contains from many of semiconductor diodes that can turn a light into electricity that we can use and it is a kind of a major and important components in the system of solar energy. Solar Panel doesn’t consist only of solar cell modules, there are many other components in the system of solar energy and the main thing is the Balance of System (BOS) of the inverter and the controller.

Solar Panel to Use

Solar Panel BOS is used for balancing the energy in the solar cell energy, when we use that technology it must be balance in order to get the right frequencies. Solar energy turbines usually comes with batteries as a power storage device, so it can still supply the solar energy turbines electrical power when there is no sunlight.It is very useful as a backup energy when there is no sunlight in the night, but we can still get it work correctly by applying a battery. How can it be when in the night and that thing is not work anymore? It must be very bad right.

Solar Panel Differences

There are many kinds of Solar Panel energy turbines, there are much difference in the crystal material. As there are 3 main parts of the solar energy turbines, like the solar energy that comes with the material of crystalin, or poli crystalin, and amorf. Crystalin is the first material that has been used with the solar panel technology, and the poli crystalin is more modern that can absorb more sun light than the crystalin.

That three Solar Panel types has been improved with many variations to put together like the silicone, and cigs. When looked back in a cronological way, the Solar Panel Tools energy cell is improved from generation to generation. There are 4 generations that have been known. From the first generation, the solar energy turbines come with the silicon material that is very primitive to use and don’t work very well at that time.

Based on Solar Panel Information at that time, this first type of material is coming from the thin film that is not for specific use as it is only can absorb a little from the sun. The poli crystalin works better than the first material to use, and the amorf material is even better. It can absorb about 80 percent in the sun light to be processed into energy. While crystalin doesn’t work in an optimal way like the solar energy that we use nowadays that can absorb more of the sun light to use Solar Panel.

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