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Do you know about wind turbines? I bet we all do. Wind turbines are famous simple technology to catch the energy from the wind. It usually uses for electricity power sources. It depends on the wind, which is why this type of technology can’t be used in any place. It has to be used in the place that has a lot of wind. Holland is one of the countries that use this kind of technology for many years and they get famous for it. Holland uses this kind of technology because of their environment condition that supports this technology.

Wind Turbines; Values
Wind turbines are simple technology that absolutely can give us a lot of differences in the green world campaign. It is so simple, even the elementary students know how wind turbines work. That is why it will be a shame when grown people like us don’t know about wind turbines and its effect to our environment. You have to understand that our world is falling apart because of our living habit right now. I don’t even care about future, but I don’t want to be the one that don’t understand about how to make it brighter for our kids.

Wind turbines are absolutely one of the best green technologies in the world right now. It has no bad effect of using it to our environment. I think this the time when people should know and aware about the condition of this world. You can say that you don’t care, but do you really don’t care about your kids’ future? I bet you do. The importance of green technology has right now become more important than it was before because the condition of our world is really bad right now. I believe that we all have to know about the importance of the green technology and apply it in our daily life for the sake of the better future.

Wind Turbines; Short History
Wind turbines is previously use in Persian culture in early 200 BC. The early type of wind turbine called windmill and it use to lifting up the water from the river and to grind the grain. Since that time, the using of wind energy is continuously growing and been use for many different purposes. The wind turbines facts stated that people actually know about this technology since long time ago, but now, only view people use this kind of technology.

Wind Turbines; Device
Wind turbines are devices that change wind kinetic energy and convert it into other type of energy into mechanical energy. The mechanical energy usually become the main element to create electricity, the device may be called a wind turbine or wind power plant. There are many of wind turbines manufacturers right now and they continuously produce a great device with continuous technology development to create better efficiency of creating electricity.

Now we all know little part about the history and the process of wind turbines. After you see the brief explanation about it, I think you will understand that this technology possibly our solution of our green technology finding. Wind turbines are already proven as useful technology for humanity in many decades, so why don’t we use it right now?

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